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How will people know about you if you do not put yourself and work out there? In order to get noticed, you may have to do some self-promotion. click through to read more.

10 Inspiring Self-Promotion Ideas


  Self-promotion can be a little tough to handle at times. It can get a little hard to sit and talk about yourself. No one wants to come off as arrogant but sometimes promotion is needed. Good thing as a designer we do not need to speak to promote ourselves. The work we create can…

My tips on how to kill your first job interview.. I look back at my journey and the mistakes I've made. Learn from my job interview mistakes. Click through to read more and download the My First Job Workbook.

What I Wish I Knew Before My First Design Job Interview


When I graduated from college, I had student work in one have and a Word resume in the other. I was so ready for that big paying job. In my mind, I would graduate and walk right into $50,000 a year. Interview after interview and nothing. I was a little confused so I did my…

The term freelancer is thrown around a lot in the design industry but are you really a freelancer or are you a business owner?

Are You a Freelancer or a Business Owner?


Let’s get technical for a minute. I recently came across a YouTube video from The Futur, that totally changed the way I thought about my business. The term freelancer is thrown around all the time. Everyone who goes out and obtains clients on a project by project basis will consider themselves freelancers. “If I am…

Everyone wants to improve their design skills. Take a look at these 20 design and branding tips to help you design a better logo. Click through to learn more.

20 Design/Branding Tips For a Better Logo


There is always room for improvement right? Whether that is learning more about the Adobe program or just general design tips. I am going to share a few basic graphic design tips to help you with a new professional quality logo you design. Note: This page contains affiliate links General 1. Build a brand first…

Automation in your business can save you a ton of time. We all need more time. Here are 8 ways you can begin to automate your design business. Click through to read more.

8 Ways to Automate Your Design Business


Automation is one of the main ways to free up time in your business. Unfortunately, there are not 48 hours in one day. With the limited of time in each day, business owners are faced with the challenge of maximizing every second. Sending emails, writing a blog post, posting on social media are just a…

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Graphic designers have similar issues. How do I build a portfolio without clients to work on? Here are some ways. Click through to learn more.

How to Build a Design Portfolio Without Clients


The struggles of a new graphic designer. You know you can do the work but you have not had the chance to land any projects yet, been there done that. You find yourself in a circle. “I need clients to add work to my portfolio but wait, what work am I suppose to show potential…

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