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Well hello there. My name is Sharese Hendricks. I am a brand designer and strategist out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Don't let the location stop you, I am accepting clients all over the world.

The website began in 2015 as just a design blog. A place where I shared my knowledge and created value for others. Still working at the time, I become more and more interested in ditching the cycle of getting on and going to a job and going all in with being an entrepreneur. So in 2016 I made the leap and quit my job.

"Be all in or get all out."

This is when I transformed my blog into a branding business. I am all for helping people. In fact, I was almost a teacher and the love for teaching has never went away. So instead of just designing a pretty logo for someone, I want to teach people how to brand themselves and business.

You are an entrepreneur ready to become an expert in your industry.

Let's work together to get your goals accomplished. Through the branding process, you will get the clarity you need to move forward effortlessly. With the 5 step process in place, you will not only receive a custom brand but learn how to make it work for you and get the clients rolling in!












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Where I post the latest news and exclusive content in the Brand Builders Club.

The best way to reach me one-on-0ne and where I share relevant post. 

A place I share inspiration, micro content, and what I currently have going on.

A look into my day to day life. Where I am myself and you can get to know me.

Turing writing content into videos. My channel is gear to help people build a brand.

My business profile and a place where I share industry news. 

My online portfolio and creative network. You will find most of the artwork I create.

A collection of the things I custom, create, and recommend.

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