The 5 Step Branding Process

Building a brand does not have to be complicated. Here is how you can build a brand with The 5 Step Branding Process.

Branding is probably the best thing you can do for your business to encourage growth. Well, designed Brands are not put together by accident. Think about a few of the big companies. Most people will think of Apple or Nike. Two great examples of companies that built brands that made you fall in love and…

Sincerely Yours Case Study


As a new product business, connecting through the senses with it’s look,  feel, and smell. Sincerely Yours is a new line of natural products for hair and skin. Service Product: Brand Discovery Brand Identity System Logo Design Product Design Ready to build your new brand? Let’s do this.

Plant Burger Case Study


A new up and coming all vegan restaurant. Being a new establishment, Plant Burger was in need of a complete brand. From a name to business cards. Services Provided: Brand Discovery Naming Brand Identity Design Stationary Design Ad Creation Ready to build a brand for your new business? Let’s do this.

Breaking Barriers Case Study


Breaking Barriers is a disability service provider out of Louisville, Kentucky. The company was unhappy with the visual appearance and marketing efforts. To create a custom brand, I took a step back to find out more about the business which resulted in a rebrand. What Breaking Barriers Received: Brand Discovery Session Brand Audit Logo Refresh…

10 Inspiring Self-Promotion Ideas

How will people know about you if you do not put yourself and work out there? In order to get noticed, you may have to do some self-promotion. click through to read more.

  Self-promotion can be a little tough to handle at times. It can get a little hard to sit and talk about yourself. No one wants to come off as arrogant but sometimes promotion is needed. Good thing as a designer we do not need to speak to promote ourselves. The work we create can…