22 Resources to Help Run Your Online Business

22 Resources to Help Run Your Online Business

Everyone likes things to run easy and smooth right? So I have put together a list of some of my favorite resource I use to run my brand consulting business.

Along with the list, I have created a free resources library with a few goodies to help you get started. Get access now, what are you waiting for?

Okay now, let's get to the list of resources to help you start an online business.

Business Tools

Planning Out Your Business: I have a small workbook to help get your business started. It is like a business plan with a little branding mixed in there. Sign up to download the business plan in the resource library.

Booking Clients: Sending emails back and forth to set up meetings can become time-consuming and a bit annoying. Instead of going back and forth and waiting two days to get the response "I'm open. What day works for you". OMG just give a time! So instead of getting into that back and forth, I just send a link to my Acuity Calendar and let the client choose what day works for them. Send a link, book session, and wait for the date.

Collecting Payment: Well you need to get paid right? If you are offering services in which you need to send invoices, Wave Accounting is the way to go. You can send invoices and collect payments from the same app. BONUS, Wave is free.

Communication: Professionals need a business email address. No more yourname@gmail.com. With Google Work for Business, you can set up a business email address such as yourname@yourwebsite.com. Not only do you look more professional but some websites do not recognize gmail.com emails as an acceptable email address.

I for one do not like giving my personal phone number out for a couple of reasons. One: I like to keep personal and business separate. Two: I can turn off my business line after office hours so I will not be bothered. Three: When the phone rings, I know that it is a business call and not personal therefore I can answer the phone accordingly. I have my business number through Grasshopper. You can sync the number to your cell phone and now you have a business phone.

Signing Contracts: Do not start a project without a contract. HelloSign is an easy way to send contracts to clients. Signing documents right from your computer which is pretty cool because you do not have to hassle with printing or faxing. If you are sending three are fewer documents a month, HelloSign is free.

Online Storage: Dropbox is great for storing files online. You can organize them into folders and access the files on different devices. No more wondering if you brought your flash drive. Dropbox is perfect when you grow and build a team. All of the files needed in one place.


WordPress Theme: WordPress is a nontech solution for having a website or a blog for your business. If you do not have the budget to hire a developer, themes are your friend. Themeforst has a selection of WordPress themes to choose from. Another great place for prebuilt themes is Creative Market, which is my favorite place to shop for creative elements. If you are looking for something more advanced, Beaver Builder is the way to go. Beaver Builder is a drag and drop page builder which gives more freedom for customization.

Hosting: SiteGround is great! The support team is helpful and all of the websites I host has been running smoothly. Hosting is something you will need to get the website up and running.

Domain Purchasing: Namecheap is where I go to purchase domains when I am not using SiteGround. If you have an idea but not quite ready to go all in on the business, it may be a good idea to purchase the domain before someone snatches it up.

For Blogging

Opt-in/Leadpage: Thrive Leads is a drag and drop software you can use to capture email addresses. With Thrive Leads you can create opt-in forms and landing pages with Thrive Architect. With the Thrive Membership, you will receive all of their products.

Email Marketing: For sending emails to my newsletter, I use MailerLite. Easy to use and automate emails. Very important for growing your business and making passive income.

Graphics, Photos, & Fonts

Post Graphics: An eye-catching graphic can help get your blog post shared and pin to platforms like Pinterest. Adobe Illustrator is all I use for designing graphics. Absolutely love the program and would not use anything else.

Stock Photos: We all are not fancy photographers which is okay because fancy photographers share their photos for use online. Depositphoto, Pixabay, and Storyblocks had royalty free images for use.

Fonts, Photos, Graphic Elements, and More: Creative Market a one-stop shop for design elements. From photos to mockups. They also have free stuff to download on Mondays.


Online Learning: Never stop learning! Skillshare has a ton of classes across many categories. Start learning for free.

Automation and Marketing

Social Media: Free up a little time by automating some of your social media post with Buffer. Write a post, schedule it in the queue, and repeat.

Instagram Scheduling: Posting to Instagram at the right time can get more eyes on your post. I like to use Latergram to send out my post at the appropriate time to stay consistent.

Pinterest Posting: Probably the most important platform for growing your blog. I use both BoardBooster and Tailwind for Pinterest. BoardBooster is for looping my pins and Tailwind for scheduling new pins. You do not have to use both. One will do.


Prioritizing Task: Todoist is what I use to organize my task. I rank them by priority and give do dates. A good way for me to stay on top of everything.

Setting Schedules: My Google Calendar is my everything. If it does not go on that calendar, I will forget.

Digital Planner: Asana is a great planner if you want to use something digital. I use Asana to organize monthly goals and social media content.

Note Taking: Evernote is a free online software used to jot things down. I have my Evernote profile connected to my phone and laptop that way I can work on the same note anywhere.

That's that! The tool I use and you should as well. Did I miss anything? Let me know if there is a tool I should check out.

Did you find this list helpful? If so share it with your friends.