10 Inspiring Self-Promotion Ideas

How will people know about you if you do not put yourself and work out there? In order to get noticed, you may have to do some self-promotion. click through to read more.

Self-promotion can be a little tough to handle at times. It can get a little hard to sit and talk about yourself. No one wants to come off as arrogant but sometimes promotion is needed.

Good thing as a designer we do not need to speak to promote ourselves. The work we create can speak for us. This is why promotional packages are important particularly when you are trying to land a job.

You can include a resume, business cards, and a clever leave-behind to wow the potential employer. This is a chance to show off your skills and creativity. Let's say you are interviewing for a package design position, coming in with self-promotion pieces on a bottle label will put you a head of the others and help you get that job.   


10 Inspiring Self-Promotion Ideas

1. Quynh Tran

2. Manon Gabriels

3. Ada Napiorkowski

4. Georgina Bousia

5. Wong Sockying

6. Vidar Olufsen Møller

7. Dyla Rosli

8. Sara Gonçalves

9.  Daisy Connor

10. Yeow Xin Yi

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