A Review of my 31st Year of Life and my Plan For the 32nd

Life is something ain't it? When you are younger you want to hurry up and grow up but when you get older you want to be young again. Crazy how that works. As I get deeper into my 30s, I like to use each birthday to reflect on my life.

Overall, year 31 was not that great. I did not approach the year with a clear plan and it showed. As I sit here a day before my 32nd birthday, I know things need to change. A plan needs to be in place and I need to have accountability. What better way to be held accountable than to put things out in the public? I also want to share what I am going through with others. So, if you are reading this and you too want to change your life, hit me on Insta. Let's do this!

Five main categories in my life need a drastic overhaul for things to change for me. Here is what I plan to do in my 32nd year of life.


I started a branding business, Hendricks Studios, four years ago. Well, I kind of started a business. My life wasn't right, so the business did not run that smoothly.

My goal is to have a full service, yet small, branding agency. By this time next year, be able to pay myself a salary along with two employees. Ambitions, maybe but I like to live on the wild side.


Being broke is no fun and no way to raise a family. Before bringing a tiny human into this world, I want to have a better relationship with money.

From now on, I will treat saving like a bill I have to pay each month. No less than 10% of all income will go straight to my high yield savings account and I save daily with a little app named Digit. Digit is an app that saves a set amount automatically. I highly suggest checking the app out.

vI am a pretty health woman if you look at my bloodwork but I want to do better with the things I put in my body.

Veganism was a natural progression for me but I don't want to be a junk food vegan. I want to eat the goodness that grows from the earth. This is the main reason I am starting a garden this year.

Along with process foods, alcohol gots to go!


Oh how I miss the days when I can jump back into shape just from looking at a treadmill but those days are long gone.

Bad eating habits and drinking comes with a few extra pounds. And laziness too. I am not getting any younger so right now is the time to make fitness a part of my daily habit.


Having the necessary relationship can strengthen you and assist in the life journey. On the other hand, toxic relationships can pull you down.

It is time to identify whos who among my relationships. Spend more time with those who bring joy and less with those who don't. Simple.

That felt good to write. Try it out! Write down your plan for the next year along with goals and tasks, share with me on Instagram. Let's build a better life together.

Happy Birthday to me! 5/5/1988