My High Quality But Budget Friendly Podcast Setup

If you do not have a podcast yet, you may want to consider starting one soon. First off, creating some form of content is something everyone should dive into. Now podcasts, in particular, are a good choice because the market isn't oversaturated and you do not have to be a super famous figure to get started.

Do not let fancy setups intimidate you from getting started. I am going to share with you some of the basic tools I use to start my podcasts.


Sound quality is highly valuable when it comes to launching a successful podcast. Your audience has to sit there and listen to your voice. The least you can do is make sure it sounds nice. I found a pretty cool set on Amazon which came with the microphone, pop filter, adjustable arm, and stand. All-in-one microphone set-up for a podcast.

FIFINE Studio Condenser USB Microphone - $75


Anchor is a great choice for those wanting to test out the podcast space because it is an easy and free platform. I recommend investing in a dedicated hosting service once you decide to take your podcast seriously. With podcast hosting, you own your content which is always a major plus.

Buzzsprout Hosting - $12/monthly

Design Software

Notice I did not say editing software. I design my graphics for promotion as well as edit the podcast audio therefore I use Adobe CC. Granted I do also run a small branding studio so Adobe is a must for me. Regardless if you are or are not a designer, Adobe CC is a great choice for DIY podcasters. With one subscription you have access to Audition (audio editing), Illustrator (vector graphic design), Photoshop (image editing), and, Premiere Pro (video editing).

If you do not see a need for any program other than audio editing, just go with Audition.

Adobe CC - $56/monthly

Audition - $20/monthly

Conference Calling

Interviews can be a nice addition to your podcast or even a co-host. Software is needed when recording with someone not in the same location. Do not let the distance limit who you record with.

Zoom - $16/monthly


There is one item I would not consider to be for those on a budget is my iMac. I've had my computer for three years now and did not consider it to be a part of the setup because this is something I already had. I decide to list the iMac because you would need a computer or laptop for this setup. When it comes to computers and laptops I always say, buy nice or buy twice.

iMac 21.5 inches - $1,099

There you have it, my little podcast setup. Go ahead and put together your podcast setup, take a picture once you get everything together, and tag me on Instagram. @sharesehend

Good luck with your podcast.