20 Design/Branding Tips For a Better Logo

20 Design/Branding Tips For a Better Logo

There is always room for improvement right? Whether that is learning more about the Adobe program or just general design tips. I am going to share a few basic graphic design tips to help you with a new professional quality logo you design.

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1. Build a brand first

Never ever skip this step. A brand makes the designing that much easier. When building a brand, you answer the who, what, and why question which is the foundation of an effective logo.

2. Know your target audience

You will figure out the audience with the branding process but it is so important I had to list it on its own. People in different age groups or genders are attracted to different visual elements. Knowing who you are going to target will narrow down design options.

3. Use professional software

If you are going to tackle design projects, it will be beneficial to invest in professional software. You have the freedom to create without worrying a dealing with licensing on a particular design. I do not know what I would do with Adobe CC.

4. Select an appropriate color pallet

With your brand details in mind, create a color pallet that embodies your business personality. Use tools like Kuler, Color Index, and Pinterest to select a color pallet.

5. Be mindful of font pairing

Pair font styles that will play off of each other and not look like a cluttered mess. For example, do not pair two script fonts together. They WILL clash.

6. Use no more than two fonts

You can get away with three fonts but to be safe, use only two. This could be the main font and a subtitle.

7. Gather resources

No need to reinvent the wheel! Use sites like Creative Market and Design Cuts to find elements other designers used.

8. Customize your design

If you are using designed element you purchased, be sure to put your own spin on the design. Show your personality.

From Creative Markets Logo Creation Kit Bundle Edition

9. Sketch your ideas

This is Command get all of those ideas out of your head. Even if you are not a top notch designer, grab a pencil and paper. Draw whatever comes pops into your mind.

10. Receive proper feedback

To enhance your work, ask individuals you trust will give you honest feedback. Show your work in the Brand Builders Club on Facebook.

11. Do NOT overdo it!

It is easy to get caught up in the details but they are not needed. Think about some of your favorite brands and take a look at their logos. Many have the less is more approach.

Illustrator Tips

12. Align your work

I am such a stickler for alignment. Illustrator has an align tool I keep open at all times.

13. Use smart guides

Pretty cool feature that helps place things right where you want them.

14. Learn RGB and CMYK Color Modes

RGB – Red, Green, Blue (Color mode for digital files)
CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (Color mode for print)

15. Save the appropriate files

If you are designing a logo for a client, I recommend three file formats.

JPEG – Photo file, with white background
PNG – Transparent file, NO white background
ESP – Editable file

16. Never stretch your images

Holding down the shift key will constrain proportion on images and text.

17. Learn the shortcuts

Shortcuts are everything! This will streamline your design in Illustrator.

Here are some of the shortcuts I use the most
Save Command or Control + S
Copy Command or Control + C
Past Command or Control + V
Send Backward Command or Control + [
Send Forward or Control Command + ]

18. Get to know the Pathfinder tool

Subtractor and unite objects with just a click of a button. This makes it easy to create your own unique shapes.

19. Utilize layers

Multiple layers can organize your workspace and find things quicker.

20. Practice using the pen tool

A tricky tool but good to know how to use. With the pen tool, you can draw different images.

Now get to designing!

I think you are already to practice with some of these new tricks and tips. Open up Illustrator and get to it.